Why Our Atlanta Gym

What makes our Atlanta Gym different?  

We are experts at rebuilding women’s metabolisms.  Our female facility is an exclusive environment that works in low numbers of women and has veteran female trainers who as their career full time know how to train a womans body for ultimate fat loss and physique changes.   We inspire, push, and teach our clients how to strength train properly, recover from strength workouts so that they actually change how their body burns fat thru lowering their bodyfat.


What is the atmosphere like at our Atlanta Gym?

Our Atlanta gym is inspiring, non-intimidating, motivational, fun, and inviting.


Why Choose our Atlanta Gym?  

We change our clients lives and help them incorporate strength training done correctly “for women” so that they derive all the many benefits like a faster metabolism, shape changes, loss of bodyfat, strength changes, bone density changes and feeling good in their bodies again.


What is a typical workout like at our Atlanta Gym?

Atlanta Personal Trainer Pamela MolinariOur workouts are specially designed by our founder 25 year veteran female trainer Pamela Molinari to specifically hit all the trouble spots on a woman’s body while also giving a total body workout including core, cardiovascular, triceps, and tons of lower body attention.  We are well known for our super tough 45 minute booty workouts. Plus as veteran female trainers we understand how to push without hurting our clients and actually help them regain their lower back strength, rehab after knee surgery, and work around shoulder or neck issues.  


What results can I expect from workouts at our Atlanta Gym?

The best workouts of your life that are super tough yet safe and target women’s trouble areas directly and intensely.   After about 3-6 weeks you will see shape changes along with inches and fat lost if the eating plan is adhered too.  At our Atlanta gym you get in depth eating plans that work for women along with instruction in choosing supplements that help rebuild lost muscle mass due to inactivity and aging.

Here are a few reasons women in the Sandy Springs area are choosing our Atlanta Gym:

  1. Non-intimidating all female facility and staff.
  2. Smaller personal training groups, 2-5 ladies per hour
  3. Extremely knowledgeable Veteran female trainers
  4. Specialty equipment not found elsewhere and all specifically designed for women’s trouble spots.
  5. Trainers that look the part and inspire you to achieve your goals.
  6. Personal diet plans from our 25-year veteran female founder Pamela Molinari.
  7. Very safe workouts for women of all ages and fitness levels
  8. Workouts that re-sculpt your body, booty, and core
  9. Scientifically proven methods of training that work for women.
  10. Instruction in how to eat based upon proven research in rebuilding lost metabolisms.
  11. Trainers that are excited to see you each day and motivate you.


  • I’m very interesting in losing weight, toning permanently.. I have tried everything and have become discouraged. I had 85% of my colon removed and had gained about 50lbs. The part of my colon that absorbs water is gone so it’s very hard to loose weight…I’m frustrated and irritated. Can’t fit my clothes. If you think you can help at your facility please call me. 678-467-6328

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