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What Can You Expect?

  • Learn from Pro Female Trainers
  • Fitness and Nutritional Coaching
  • Strength and Sculpt Interval Training
  • Maximum 10 Ladies in Each Class
  • Experts in Female Body Shaping
  • Personal Attention and Instruction
  • Weight Loss Diet, Motivation, and Weekly Weigh-Ins

Atlanta Fitness Workout

Atlanta Fitness Weight Loss Experts

Nutrition Plans: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Working out and losing weight is only one half of the solution to achieving your healthier you. The old saying you are what you eat isn’t far from the truth. Fat loss, tone & sculpt, or strengthening goals require different eating regimens to achieve. And not everyone’s body is going to react the same to a specific nutritional plan. Sometimes a personal approach is needed to find the right mix of food to maximize your fitness goal.

What makes us different?

Nutritional Consultations with our most experienced trainers consist of learning your needs and dietary concerns and constructing a sensible eating plan for your specific goals.  Fat loss, tone & sculpt, or strengthening goals require different eating regimens to achieve.  This teaches you how to cycle your carbs and how to help your body REBUILD the muscle that you break down during our workouts. This is the key secret to rebuilding your metabolism. NOT doing what most women do when they try to lose weight: LOSE MUSCLE AND KEEP FAT.  We will teach you based on scientific research and proven methods for healthy eating that helps you burn fat and firm up effectively.

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Atlanta Fitness Diva offers a very different fitness experience for the Atlanta woman. Voted 2018 Top Fitness Facility in Sandy Springs by “My Sandy Springs Magazine” and our Founder & lead trainer “Pamela Molinari” was voted 2018 Best Personal Trainer in Atlanta by “Best Self Magazine” you can expect to achieve your Fitness Goals with us.

We offer expertise in a very warm environment where our community of trainers & clients create a place where YOUR goals are in focus. We take a personal interest in your specific needs in each workout to help you every step of the way to your ultimate goals. Our workouts combine strength training, bodyweight, sled driving, sculpting sets, and cardio intervals.