Our COVID-19 Response:

  1. As always, our facility only allows 8 or fewer clients in the gym at one time for our semi-private sessions.
  2. We offer a “hospital grade” air cleaning machine.
  3. We clean and disinfect our facility daily & deep clean weekly.
  4. We check temps of all trainers & wear masks.
  5. We keep our ladies apart over 10” during the training.
  6. As always we are by appointment only.

Let us offer to you our amazing workouts specifically designed for women’s bodies in our safe & friendly private facility.

We look forward to meeting you.

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Our semi-private training (8 or fewer ladies) focuses on strength training intervals where legs & glutes are a top priority. We mix in fat burning sets to maximize results. We have constructed the most effective workouts for a woman’s trouble areas to sculpt, shape, and define. These workouts build your metabolism & burn maximum fat.

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We offer Master Female Personal Trainers with up to 33 years of experience to allow you to learn exactly how to achieve your goals and keep them! Our trainers design each workout, nutrition plans, recovery protocol, and long term goals to help you every step of the way as we are very involved in your success!

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Nutritional Consultations with our most Experienced Trainers consist of learning your needs and dietary concerns and constructing a sensible eating plan for cardio days and weight training days. Teaching you how to cycle your carbs and how to help your body REBUILD the muscle that you break down during our workouts. This is the key secret to rebuilding your metabolism and NOT doing what most women do when they try to lose weight…..LOSE MUSCLE AND KEEP FAT. We will teach you based on scientific research and proven methods for healthy eating that helps you burn fat and firm up effectively.

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8 Week Fat Loss Challenge

Each quarter we offer to our clients an 8 week intensive program from our master female trainer Pamela Molinari. These are very popular and a great way to be lead week by week in the most effective way to burn fat & build muscle without any starvation diets or hours of daily cardio.

Diet plan in included and changed as needed during the program to push past any plateau you may encounter.
Come learn from our pro trainers!

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Monthly Nutrition Seminar

Come to our question & answer session with one of our most experienced trainers to learn everything related to fitness, fat loss, muscle building, and more.

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Success is where dedication and opportunity meet.

Atlanta Fitness Diva offers a very different fitness experience for the Atlanta woman. Voted 2018 Top Fitness Facility in Sandy Springs by “My Sandy Springs Magazine” and our Founder & lead trainer “Pamela Molinari” was voted 2018 Best Personal Trainer in Atlanta by “Best Self Magazine” you can expect to achieve your Fitness Goals with us.

We offer expertise in a very warm environment where our community of trainers & clients create a place where YOUR goals are in focus. We take a personal interest in your specific needs in each workout to help you every step of the way to your ultimate goals. Our workouts combine strength training, bodyweight, sled driving, sculpting sets, and cardio intervals.

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Atlanta Fitness Diva is a boutique personal training studio that opened in Atlanta January 3, 2011, with 32-year veteran personal trainer Pamela Molinari as the founder and lead personal trainer.

Our fitness center gym is located at Georgia 400 near Perimeter Mall between Sandy Springs and Dunwoody. Pamela is an Atlanta native and has been made personal training of thousands of Atlanta women her life’s work. After winning numerous fitness titles, athlete of the year, and Atlanta’s fittest female, Pamela saw a need for a personal trainer in a fitness center that focused on the specific needs of women.