With the new challenge starting on Monday, I wanted to give you ladies some tips on how to keep off the weight you lose permanently. It’s easy to get rid of the weight, but when it comes to maintaining, thats where we struggle. Here are a few tips to help with your new amazing lifestyle change.

  1. Plan Your Meals – Try and plan out what you’re planning on eating for the week. It helps not to have to worry what you’re going to eat when you’re working all week.
  2. Keep Tabs On Your Food Consumption – Try a journal. Staying accountable, by journaling is a proven weight loss strategy.
  3. Consume More Fiber – This will help you stay fuller for longer.
  4. Eat 3 Small Meals And 2/3 Snacks A Day – This boosts your metabolism by eating more often. Metabolism is key!!
  5. Serve Yourself On A Smaller Plate – Helps with portion control.
  6. Eat Your Veggies – Eat them with EVERY meal, especially the green leafy ones.
  7. Eat Natural Appetite Suppressants – Almonds, Apples, Coffee, Green Tea, Oatmeal, Tofu, and Water are all natural suppressants.
  8. Ditch The Soda Habit – Including diet drinks!!
  9. Exercise Most Days – Try to get at least 3 days in a week.
  10. Get The Body Moving – try some awesome music!!

Good luck ladies, I know you can do it!!