*Your results may vary depending on your diet, exercise and adherence to our program. Results below vary from individual to individual based on their engagement in our program, diet, exercise regimen and possible family history.

Michelle Mackhoul

No matter what your fitness goals are, Atlanta Fitness Diva is the place to be!! I have been training with Pam for a few years already, and my goals have changed a few times over the years. When I first started training with her I had no clue what I was doing, I had no idea the importance of weight/strength training, and much less, how very important recovery is after a challenging training session. During the first 2 months I dropped about 3% body fat, and after a few more months of following a strict routine I started seeing major changes in my body*. For a while I maintained since it just got harder, but Pam knew exactly how to get me out of that plateau.

Last year I got pregnant, and although I continued working out and tried to stay in the best shape possible, my body fat went up again and I lost the tone in my body. I knew as soon as I had my baby that I would be going back to Atlanta Fitness Diva! In the last 3 months I have managed to lose 11.5 inches all over, 11 LBS of fat, 7% body fat*. I not only gained 6 LBS of muscle, but also strength, and confidence*. I’m now much stronger than I was even before I got pregnant. With these results, in what I consider a short amount of time, I am so motivated to just keep going!

At Atlanta Fitness Diva you will always: be MOTIVATED, be CHALLENGED, have FUN, and FEEL GREAT. The trainers are really the best, always making sure to SAFELY get you out of your comfort zone, only to make you BETTER with each workout. Remember there is always room for improvement, and if it were easy, everyone would do it. This is a lifestyle. Will-power, self-discipline, self-control… that’s what makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Thank you Pam and Atlanta Fitness Diva staff for helping me accomplish my goals!

Susana Rodriguez

I participated in the 90 day challenge and it was alot of dedication. Pam was very detailed in her weekly workouts and nutrition. It was challenging at times but I am extremely satisfied with the way I look and feel. I feel stronger and my clothes always fit better after I complete her challenges. Thank you for all the support and encouragement of all the trainers that always push me to the next level to achieve my goals.

Chasity Miller

After suffering from an eating disorder as a teen and years of yoyo dieting, my metabolism was shot. I would lose and regain the same 50lbs over and over again. It was like beating my head against a wall. Ihad insulin resistance and I saw diabetes in my future. I thought to myself that I did not want to go out this way. I want to see each ofmy 3 boys get married! I want to be there for my grandkids!! I finally realized that something had to change. I needed to focus on improving my health and wellbeing, not the scale. After doing some research I discovered Atlanta Fitness Diva. I was skeptical at first.

The workouts are intense but the trainers are there supporting you each step of the way. The Atlanta Fitness Diva 90 day challenge was the catalyst I needed to change my thought process in regards to food and fitness and begin to reverse the damage I have done to my metabolism over the years. I followed the nutrition plan, trained 3 days a week and even stayed on the plan while traveling on business! Since joining the Atlanta Fitness Diva 90 challenge I have lost 5% body fat, 19 lbs and over 17 inches*. And my blood sugar level is back to normal!! I have dropped 2 pants sizes and I am stronger physically and mentally*. I use to become winded walking up stairs… Not anymore! I am stronger and I am more confident in myself. I am well on my way to achieving my long term health and fitness goals!

Andi Akers

Last year, my cousin was murdered. I sank into a deep state of depression. I could hardly get out of bed. When I had to go to work, I existed on sodas and candy bars. I started gaining weight mostly in my stomach, so I looked pregnant. I would start weight loss program after weight loss program but something else would happen that would send me back into the depression.In January, I looked at myself, how miserable I looked and felt. I knew that I had to pull myself out of it. I don’t remember how I found Pam but I am so grateful that I did. I joined her 90 day transformation. She sat me down and gave me a full hour of her time. We discussed what it would take to get me back in shape, she took measurements and I weighed in. She discussed nutrition and supplements and sent out emails weekly keeping us pumped up.I have worked out with trainers before but nothing like this. I personally did very little cardio throughout the 90 days. I worked out 2 days a week with Pam or Lucy. They run you through a circuit. For me, it was mainly lower body and I did upper body at home. Do not look at the purple equipment and feminine touches of this gym and think that it is going to be a frilly girly workout. I have NEVER been through such an intense circuit in my life! It was a challenge throughout the 90 days. Pam really knows what a woman’s body needs to lose weight and gain muscle. It was truly an amazing experience.Today was my final weigh in. I lost 14lbs of fat and gained 4lbs of muscle*. I went from 30% body fat to 21%*. I lost 15 inches from my body*. But the most rewarding thing here is not the amount of weight or inches that I lost. It is the way I FEEL . My body is lean and I feel strong both physically and mentally. I have an amazing amount of energy and it is no longer a chore to pull myself out of bed. In fact, I jump out of bed earlier with a smile on my face. To say that I now have my life back is an understatement.I have recommended Pam and the Fitness Divas to all of my friends and clients. They are definitely one of Atlanta’s best kept secrets.

Karis Scott, 90 Day Fitness Challenge Winner

Pam’s 90 day challenge was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done. I mean this is up there with childbirth. At least while I was in labor, I was drugged up and it only lasted a few hours. This on the other hand, lasted 3 months. Pam is so awesome and encouraging. She gave us all the tools that we needed to achieve our fitness and weight loss goals, and along with her sidekick Lucy, they kicked our butts into gear with their killer workouts every week. Ultimately, what Pam taught me throughout this entire process is that for one, you have to WANT to be healthy and fit in order to be healthy and fit. If you don’t want it, then there is no amount of talking or guiding that Pam, Lucy, or any other person can do that will help you achieve your fitness or weight loss goals. Two, Pam taught me that you just have to do it. No excuses. Just do it, Push through the pain (whether it be during workouts or just pain from restraining yourself from eating that piece of cake, or that box of mac and cheese) and thank yourself later for being strong and pushing past it. Three, she helped me to realize that being healthy is a positive lifestyle change. Pam encourages all of us to maintain a positive mindset even when things get hard. This positive mindset not only helped me to push through the difficult times during the challenge, but it helped me to push to do better in other aspects of my life outside of fitness. When training with Pam, she not only focuses on helping you become healthy physically, she wants to help you become a better person in all aspects of your life. Even though this was hard, it was so much fun, and I am so grateful to have been able to train with the most awesome trainers in Atlanta and a group of awesome, hardworking women!! My results from Pam’s 90 day challenge: Lost 16 pounds of fat, dropped 10% body fat, lost 13 inches total off of my body, gained 8 pounds of muscle, and gained the confidence to wear a bikini for the first time in my life*!! Thank you Team Fitness Diva for all of your help and support in my weight loss journey!


When I first signed up for the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge, I just hoped I would lose some weight and maybe a few inches. At 63 years young, knowing my metabolism had slowed down, I wasn’t too hopeful that I would see a “miracle” in 3 months. After all, it had taken me 15 years to put on about 40 lbs. It had a been a steady progression, due to lack of exercise & poor eating habits(I had even kidded myself for years that I had good eating habits & just needed to exercise!). I had been working out at Atlanta Fitness Diva for a while, but was not really committed until I started the challenge.I have lost 10 lbs. and 11 1/2″ in the last 90 days*. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s a beginning & I feel so much better. My blood pressure, which has been borderline high for many years, is now down close to normal. I have more energy and more confidence. I love the all female, small group workouts. The workouts are varied and I get constant reinforcement and praise from both Pamela and Lucy, which helps me want to work harder. This gym is decorated for Divas and the music keeps me working faster. Thank you so much Atlanta Fitness Diva for helping me to reach my goals and wanting me to work even harder to achieve the final result that I see in my future. It is not too late for us “over 50 years young” Divas!

Barbara McMillan-Persaud

Finding out about Atlanta Fitness Diva and meeting Pamela has been a Godsend for me! I have been working out with both Pamela and Lucy consistently for the past 3 months. I have lost 20 lbs and 7% body fat*. I am not yet at goal, however, by continuing to work out at Atlanta Fitness Diva, I know that I will FINALLY make it happen!Both Pamela and Lucy are very outgoing, patient and encouraging! I truly appreciate the way they mix up the workouts to avoid boredom and to target trouble spots in women. Being in an all-female environment is wonderful, too.I can’t thank Pamela and Lucy enough for keeping me motivated and losing!

Carley Guinn

Pamela helped me lose over 100 pounds and 30 inches with her female specific training, unique and fun workouts, and scientifically based nutritional plans that showed me how to eat for my metabolism and keep my muscle while I lost tremendous amounts of bodyfat and KEPT it off for over 2 years now*. Pam is the GREATEST!

Mary Joyce

When I heard about the 90-Day Body Revolution Challenge, I knew I had to be chosen. Before I started the challenge with Pam, I had already lost 50 pounds trying to tone up, but really wasn’t doing a lot of weights. From day one, Pam explained how important weights are for weight loss, calorie burning, and metabolism booster. Within the first two weeks of the challenge I noticed a difference. Which, coming from me seeing myself everyday, was a huge impression. I was eating often when I was supposed to, and I was shedding inches. Pam always pushed me harder. Being a big girl, I needed to get the fat off my muscles. I always pushed myself with Pam and on my own. When I started my weight loss, I was my heaviest — 305. Now, I’m 224 and feel great*. With Pam, in 3 months I lost 25 pounds and 18 inches*. My long term goal is 185, and yes it will happen and Pam will be the lady to thank.

Christina White

Pam does a body good! I have been working hard under the direction of Pam for three months and changed my body dramatically. I worked out with Pam for one hour, three days a week and did everything she told me to do. She had me doing a lot of cardio, gave me some advise on some supplements I could take and gave me a diet to follow. It worked! I originally just wanted to get in shape for a trip I was going to take this summer, but after seeing the results I got, I am motivated to take my training to the next level and really focus on building muscle and getting lean and maybe entering a competition sometime next year. I have had other trainers help me out in the past and I have never had results like this. She really knows how to tweak her workout for women and that is where the difference is.I lost 8 % body fat!*

I lost 14 pounds of fat!*
I gained 4 pounds of muscle!*
I lost 6 inches off my waist!*
I went from a size 11 to a size 4/6!

Eleonora Vegliante

My name is Ellie Vegilante and I am a fitness model. Pam began training me for the last year show so I needed to be ready for The Arnold Amateur Championships in Columbus, Ohio. I only had 2 month to get in the shape and be on stage. Pam prepaped a program for my new diet, I could only eat a few carbs… a cup of oatmeal, 25 grams potato or 1/2 sweet potato. Stick only with lean steak, chicken, egg whites for protein sources and of course a gallon of water every day. I remember Pam telling me: THIS IS A LOW CARBS GIRL, AND YOU WILL BE HUNGRY BUT STICK WITH ME AND YOU ARE GOING TO LOOK BETTER THAN YOU EVER HAVE, SO BE STRONG FOR ME!!! So I did it and I finished top 10 in one of the biggest International fitness shows in the world. I trained 3 times a week with Pam, working mainly on my lower body. Every session was different and very hard, sometimes lots of repetitions with low weight some other times less repetitions with heavy weight. I could not have done it without her, she really knows a lot about how to train. It’s amazing the changes that my body made in only 6 weeks. Thank you, Pam and lets get ready for the next fitness contest.

Tonya Alfonzo

Pam,Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you have put into me. The way you train is so brutal but you do it with such passion. I love how every workout is different and you always keep it interresting. You have pushed me and motivated in so many ways. I have had many other trainers but you are by far number one. You always train me with a smile and I have never felt such comfort at any gym the way the way I do at your gym. I love my amazing results and I never thought my body could ever look like this, but thanks to you I have accomlished my goal. You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Atlanta Fitness Diva

Liz Peyton

I cannot thank Pamela at Atlanta Fitness Diva enough for helping me to transform my life and become the happiest I have ever been. In September 2010, at the age of 26, I found myself happily engaged and 45 pounds overweight. I was so happy; and also terrified at the idea of dress shopping after realizing that I had gained over 40 pounds since I had moved to Atlanta in the summer of 2009. I kept making excuses and ignoring the fact that I had crept up from a size 12 to a size 18. It finally hit home for me when I went dress shopping and ordered my dress-a size 20. Completely depressed, I decided right then that I was going to make changes, and never go back to what I had allowed myself to become. I remembered driving by Pam’s gym and reading amazing reviews on her website. I emailed her the next day and scheduled an appointment. In March 2011, I started working out with Pam and completely changed my eating habits with her guidance and support, and have never looked back. By the time of my wedding in August 2011, I had lost over 40 pounds, 26% body fat, and 20 inches*. Pam’s creative, fun, and effective workout techniques not only helped to change my body, but have also helped to change my life. I have never been happier or felt better about myself. I LOVE going to workout with Pam, and enjoy the experience of all-female, small group training sessions, where I always feel comfortable and motivated. I am so grateful to Pam for helping me to lose weight before my wedding, and am most thankful for the life-long impact she has made on my overall health and wellness.

Ariane Drew

If you want to be one Bada$$ CHICK, look for Pamela Molinari!!! :) She is absolutely AWESOME!!! Thank u so much!!!

Tracey Wegrzyn

I have been working with Pamela on and off for a year now and it is amazing the way she makes you feel after the workouts. Her workouts are geared towards you and what you need to work on. I am one that loves to be pushed to my limits and she does that for me! When I am not currently working out with her due to my triathlon seasons my muscles and energy level are just not the same. Already being very active into fitness and sports she gives me that extra little bit I need to get my body the way I want it. No matter how active I am in my Triathlons and marathons I still have trouble spots that she just doesn’t miss! She really knows the women’s body and how to fix the problem areas that every women deal with. My husband even notices the changes when I workout with Pamela. I was one that had every fitness magazine subscription and no longer feel the need to get fitness magazine because of Pamela’s advice and knowledge of food, fitness and diet. Pamela is one that I trust and know will never lead me in the wrong direction. Thanks Pamela!!!!

Katie Mikeska

I have been training here for only about 2 months now and I can already see a difference and feel myself becoming stronger! With Pamela’s methods and the right diet you’ll be happy with the results!


Pamela at Atlanta Fitness Divas workout style is a must for any female! I’ve been working with her for three months and I can tell a huge difference in my body and STRENGTH! I’ve been working out for years and follow many health & fitness magazines, but I’ve never been more pleased with my results. Pam’s experience and knowledge of the female physique is evident in her custom made workouts. She zones in on your trouble stops (booty and back of arms, for me) and she changes your body. Her supplement and dieting advice have me hooked!In three months Pam has taught me so much about the crucial specifics of WHAT, HOW MUCH and WHEN to feed my muscles. Her advice is specific to you, unlike the general fitness advice you read in a magazine or book. Thanks to Pam, I’m regaining control of my body and I love it! If you are hesitating at all, DO NOT wait any longer. Call Pam and schedule a session.Getting the bounce back in my booty, Thanks Atlanta Fitness Diva!

Mairead Before and After

I started working with Pamela about 3 months before my wedding. For the 6 months before that, I had been living and working in an environment that did not allow me to maintain a healthy routine of good eating and working out.

A friend recommended that I give Pamela a call – and after an initial consultation with her over the phone – I knew that I was going to have the attention and support I needed to get the ball of healthy habits rolling again. Pamela had this amazing positive energy and that she has a long career focused on changing women’s bodies. I worked with Pam as my online coach, then, for about 3 months. I saw amazing changes in my body (and my overall outlook, in general).

Pamela’s talked me through a number of workouts that helped me focus on some key areas – after evaluating my body type and habits. Primarily – she helped me focus on my glutes and hamstrings and back and shoulders. She gave me a nutrition plan – and helped me understand the science behind a comprehensive nutrition and exercise program.

After 3 months I a total of about 12 lbs and multiple inches around my waist and hips*. Pamela helped me through the training program, giving me advice and moral support along the way. I love Atlanta Fitness Diva!


I’ve been working with Pam for 4 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Pam is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun!! She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy and I’ve got new muscles. If you are serious about changing you life for the better, Pam will lead you every step of the way.Thanks Pam, you’re Awesome!!!


I trained with Pamela for 6 months to get ready for my first Figure show…the LasVegas open. I was 25% fat and very jiggly and smooth!! She was amazing to work with and her knowledge training women’s body cant be beat.My husband was a trainer, but did not have the technical expertice training women for figure shows. Pamela also worked around my broken ankle…yes during training I fell and broke my ankle and had to wear a cast…I still trained on crutches while she pushed me to do what I could during the workouts. After the cast came off we had 6weeks to really get serious.With her cardiocascular advice, nutritional plan, and intense weight training I lost down to single digit bodyfat*…20 lbs of fat and was super lean for the show as the picture shows*…I placed 4th in my class for my first show, and I couldn’t have done it without Pamela’s constant support and belief in me…Thanks Pamela!

Valerie Before & After

Pamela at Atlanta Fitness Diva is an awesome FEMALE SPECIFIC TRAINER!!! She helped me totally reshape my body, lose the last 15 pounds, and get defined! I went from 160 to 145 and from 22% fat to 14%*… In 3 short months I went from flabby gut to shapely and tight!!!*I owe it all to her with her extensive knowledge of female metabolism in rebuilding my lost muscle due to dieting over and over, and ways to lean out that truly were based of her knowledge of scientific research!…Her workouts are so geared toward a womans trouble spots, and her body is proof positive that it works….I love Pamela and Atlanta Fitness Diva!

Linda Before and After

WOW!!! I went from 140 to 118 in 5 short months*. I feel so much younger now with tons of energy…


I loved the wonderful training I received from Pamela while participating in her 90 Day Body Revolution Challenge. I was very happy to have her as a trainer and new found friend. As long as I was willing to commit she was there to help me achieve my goals. While in the program I lost over 2% bodyfat, 23 lbs and more than 10 inches overall* (could have done better had a few weeks off ). If anyone wishes to have a wonderful trainer then Pamela is the one to work with. Love you Pam speak with you soon, keep up the great work!

Sara Schenck

When people ask me, “well what is your favorite thing about Atlanta?” My new response is,” Atlanta Fitness Diva.” Period.I’ve had my share of gyms. And after being here, I won’t go back. Whether you want to compete in a fitness competition, get ready for spring break, build muscle, lose fat and inches, or change up your routine- you WILL benefit greatly from coming to Atlanta Fitness Diva and training with Pam.Germaphobes- you’re safe here. The equipment is wiped down after every class, towels are provided, and if you want to wipe the equipment down with Lysol before you touch it… you can.The workouts are ALWAYS a challenge. Pam wants to know your goals and expectations… and then exceeds them. If you are the whiny type, she is kind & gentle enough to coerce you into doing your best and you wont even realize it. If you are the “bring it on” type, she will keep your muscles guessing and burning. She is able to adapt any workout to your level and is always mindful when it comes to past injuries and conditioning issues. I have had two knee surgeries, but it is just recently since I have been to Pamela that I feel like my full leg strength is coming back.Pamela is more than a trainer. She is not in this just to make a living- she is in it to see the changes in people’s lives that are a result of hard work, discipline, and her training techniques. She is PASSIONATE about transforming bodies and lives into a healthier lifestyle. Your mind, body, work ethic, and outlook on life will all improve.On January 18th, 2011 I weighed 144 lbs and had 34% body fat. Today, (35 days later) I am 133 lbs*. Please also keep in mind I am 5’0″.Pam has given me more than just kick-ass weight training sessions, she has given me the tools I needed to strengthen and tone my muscles as well as shred this weight off my little frame. She told me exactly what I need to eat, recommended protein and recovery shakes, and what I need to do when I am not with her.This gym is a pleasure to work out at. its a “safe place” to scream when you don’t think you can do one more chest press. the color scheme is girly and fun. the ladies you meet here will challenge you to be your best and support you all the way through that last set.The workout is intense, fun, hard, and well-worth the money and the drive from downtown. I drive from downtown/GSU area to train with Pam 3 days a week and don’t regret one second of the drive.***BOTTOM LINE: If you want to make a change in your life and in your body- just try it. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! BEST IN ATLANTA!!!

Laketta Phillips

Pam is a life changer and lifesaver. She not only teaches you the right way, but also explains what is about to happen with the changes in your body. She’s there for positive reinforcement when you are beating yourself up, and also there with a hug and a smile when you’ve reach even the smallest of goal, and sometimes that’s what we all need!!! So the question is not SHOULD you train with Pam but WHEN!! SO GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR!!!

Tina Blumberg

As far as I am concerned Pamela Molinari is “the trainer” in Atlanta. She specializes in women’s “problem areas” and absolutely knows her stuff. Not only does she know about weight lifting and cardio, but she is very knowledgeable when it comes to what to eat, when to eat it and what supplements you should be taking.I started training with Pam in 2003. After a few years of training with her I thought I would “switch it up” and try someone new for a while. After trying 3 other trainers, spending a lot more money and not seeing near the results I decided to go back to Pam and have been happy ever since!If you truly want to get into the best shape of your life I encourage you to train with Pam for 3 months and see what amazing results you get. I guarantee after you see the results you too will be hooked:)

Kristi Tanner

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! That says it all! Just a short time ago (3 months) I was fortunate enough to be selected to be part of a 90-Day Body Revolution Challenge…weightloss, body sculpt project with Pamela. The workouts were amazing in that we were continuously doing different exercises & not repeating the “same – old – thing”. Pamela is so encouraging & supportive. Always giving tips about how to eat healthy & stay on track. With each & every workout I felt the muscle groups that were being exercised (that day & even 2 days later). I achieved AMAZING results with Pamela. Over 25 pounds of FAT LOSS & well over 15 inches*. This has been a life changing experience & I’m so looking forward to continuing my workouts!!! Thanks again Pamela, you are the BEST FITNESS DIVA!!!

Liz Stack

I have been training with Pam for over a year now, and I am delighted with the fabulous results. I relocated to the Atlanta area a year ago from the South Florida area, where I had a trainer, was active in a Pilates studio, and also ran and swam for cardio. After “trying out” several trainers in the area, I was delighted to find Pam. She excels in shaping a woman’s body through her passion for fitness that she has perfected over the span of her 20 plus year career. She has effected an amazing change in my body in a short time; over and above my fitness level when I found her. Her exercises have slimmed me down while simultaneously toning me. Previous trainers had me doing my exercises in a way that made me feel like I was bulking up. Pam is able to create muscle mass in a way that is slimming and feminine. In addition, Pam is an expert on nutrition, supplements and overall wellness. She combines this expertise with her rigorous workouts to get the best results for each individual client. In addition, her personal qualities of motivation, kindness, and positive energy make her the very best in her field, and a trusted friend in addition to a trainer. Her workouts and her wisdom are the foundation in my fitness routine. I give her my highest recommendation (and my sincerest thanks!).

Jennifer Waters

My name is Jennifer and Pam has been my trainer on and off for over 10 years. No matter where I go or what my fitness goals are I always come back to Pam. Her fitness regime is unlike any other gym and any other trainer I have ever been to. Her knowledge of the women’s body and how to optimally work me out is unfounded anywhere else. She has an uncanny way of getting right to the area, down to the muscle by varied workouts and angles that I would have never thought of myself. My results have been phenomenal and as I get older Pam has helped me not only with muscle retention but with my eating habits. Because of Pam’s dedication to her clients and her belief in me, I have gained so much knowledge and benefits… and the best thing is I look and feel GREAT!!!

Karen Noyes

All I can say is Pamela rocks! I trained with Pam for several years when I lived in Atlanta. It killed me to have to stop training with her when I moved away. Her training and fitness knowledge are outstanding as well as her continuous positvie attitude and uplifting spirit. She’s always encouraging others in all aspects of their …lives, not just fitness. Being fit in every sense of the word is her specialty. I miss my weekly sessions where I was challenged and encouraged. All of these aspects have carried over into my life and I continue to live a healthy, fit, and spiritual life.When I first started training with Pamela I had just been dumped and was depressed. I had only been in Atlanta a year. Prior to living there I was athletic and worked out all the time. When I moved there I met someone and for whatever reason didn’t work out for about a year. Two weeks after being dumped I decided to get up and get going and started training with Pam. I think when I started I was about 27% body fat and slimmed down to about 13%*. If you stick to it and keep at it and listen she can really help you transform your body and soul for that matter. She has helped SO many as well as gotten through the trials of her own life, always encourage us to “be better”. If ever anyone had a doubt about signing up to train, just jump all in and do it. TOTALLY WORTH EVERY MINUTE!!!

Karis Scott

Pam is so awesome! She is a great motivator and this woman really knows her stuff when it comes to getting your body in shape and keeping it healthy. The workouts are tough, but when you get through them, you feel great! Pam has such a beautiful heart. When you train with her, you not only get an awesome trainer, but an awesome, loving and caring friend as well… let me rephrase that, a goofy, silly, loving and caring friend :)

Christina Carsillo

If anyone loves to train people and be passionate about changing your body it is Pam. I have been training with her for over 3 years and totally love her dedication, knowledge and drive to teach you the best way to change your body with the best hard core weight training, balance diet and great help with all the supplements and vitamins needed for ultimate benefit… I totaly recommend her to any woman that is serious about the way they would like to look… I love you girl… Never stop believing on your power of change!!!

Beryl Armstrong

I love Pam’s new place. What a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. She knows how to get the most out of 45 minutes. I look forward to each session!

Mary Bernhardt Remmes

This really is the best fitness studio specifically for women in Atlanta! If you’re a woman who is serious about working hard and getting in shape this is the place for you. The small group training and boot camps have a limited number of people allowing the circuit to be tailored to your specific abilities and needs. Pamela’s expertise in the fitness needs of “women over 40” is refreshing.

Allison Groomes

I’ve only been working with Pamela for 5 weeks, and 2 of those weeks I didn’t get to come in because of work and snow. Still, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been (HELLO 20 lb bicep curls and 270 lb leg presses) and more aerobically fit than I’ve been in years (I ran uphill for 30 minutes yesterday, and I haven’t been doing any aerobic exercise)*. I can’t wait to get in the dunk tank in a few weeks so I can update this with how much body fat I’ve lost too. Atlanta Fitness Diva is AWESOME!

Nancy Escorihuela-Servigna

I’ve been working out with Pam for only 2 weeks (4 classes) and I already feel the pain with GAIN of her teachings and work outs. Just 2-week and all my friends can tell the difference in my abs, legs and booty. It’s an incredibly fun ambience where we all help, support and inspire each other. Thanks Pam and Michelle for making me love the soreness through the changes in my body in such a short period of time. Can’t wait to see you next week :)Love, Nancy

Linda Cooke

I’ve been training with Pam for about 5 years. Over the years, I’ve worked with several trainers, and by far, Pam is the most experienced, educated and caring person I’ve trained with. And best of all, working with this lady has brought great results to my body.

Her approach to training is a combination of unique exercises, weight lifting and body shaping, along with a solid nutritional plan and emphasis on maintaining a positiive attitude.

I’m probably one of Pam’s oldest clients–she tailors each of my workouts to fit my body, not that of a 30-year old. She pushes me to the limits, without causing injury and does this with high energy and motivation. When I was going through a tough time personally, she was encouraging and upbeat and believed in me. Not only is a Pamela an exceptional trainer, she is an outstanding person.”

Sara Driver

I first trained with Pamela back in 1997. She is one of the best trainers I have ever had!!!! Positive, tough, honest, and kind. She always knows how to motivate and inspire, while helping her clients to achieve the strong healthy bodies they desire. I am so so so glad to be back training with her, even though I’m still in Austin, and she’s in Atlanta!!!! Very cool chick!!!!

Magdalena Krysiak

Pam has changed my ideas about weight loss and fitness. She has taught me that fitness is a way of life, an every-day thing, not just a temporary fix. Her motivation is totally empowering, and not punishing. Her belief in your success is contagious, and forces you to let go of all your previous self-pity. The combination of diet and fitness that she suggested for me was more effective than anything I’ve tried in the past. I couldn’t believe it! Although I can’t see Pam anymore due to my moving out of state, I know that everything she has taught me will have lasting effects on my overall health. Thanks, Pam!

Benita Boyd

I have been working out with Pam going on two months now. I had a couple of set backs in the beginning, but Pam would NOT let me quit. She encouraged me to continue and work through them. I am now pass that point and I am so thankful that Pam would not let me give up. I am getting stronger with every work out and I see myself reaching my goals. Ladies there is light at the end of the tunnel. If there is anyone that can get you there Pam can!

Joanne Blamire Schimelman

Pamela is truly one in a million. She has the knowledge and personal experience to truly reshape a woman’s body, even those stubborn trouble spots. The process is slow and strategic as Pam knows exactly how to achieve the results by building strength, feeding and fueling your muscles and providing the positive motivation necessary …to make you never give up. Not only do Pamela’s workouts leave you in disbelief that you just exhausted your muscles in ways you never thought possible, but you wake up the next day so sore but also so energized for more. I have been training with Pamela for just over 3 months and am seeing amazing changes take place. This is just the beginning as I strive to be the strongest, leanest and most fit person I can be….long term. Thank you Pamela for all you are doing to change not only just my shape but my confidence that I can achieve my goals.

Jordan Samsel

I can not say enough good things about Pamela’s training, nutrition, and overall fitness knowledge. As an over-weight child I never played sports and have had very little physical activity as an adult. Pam called me one of the weakest clients she has ever had, but I stuck with her advice and training, and saw amazing results both physically and mentally. Her workouts and nutrition advice transformed my “skinny fat” body and helped me feel strong, confident, and look even better! You can’t find a better fitness professional. Thank you Pamela for making fitness a big part of my life!

Mary Miceli

Pam is an awesome trainer. Follow her instructions and you will get results, no yelling just good advice and if followed great results! Pam is the best trainer!

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