Silver Divas

Introducing the Silver Diva Class!

Silver Divas

What is the Silver Diva Class?

It’s a new strength training program designed for our divas 50+ years of age as well as ladies who have had no previous strength training experience.

What we offer:

  1. Weight bearing exercise to increase bone density, strength, flexibility, agility, and core.
  2. Safe workouts using commercial grade equipment made for women’s bodies & free weights.
  3. Master female trainers to instruct and motivate you while keeping you free from injury.
  4. Fun and unique environment designed to inspire & uplift you.
  5. Trainers who really care about your results!


Here at Atlanta Fitness Diva! Your first session is always FREE.


Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 1pm and every Wednesday at 5:30pm. More class times coming soon!


Packages start at $30 per session. Join with a friend and you both receive 15% off your package.

Come join the fun and get in shape!

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