The average person gains about 7 pounds over the holidays. Then they spend 6 months trying to get that weight off, only to do it again. Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Family Time – Wether your family is small, large, or not even related to you, keep your focus on gratitude that you are loved, that you have shelter, food, god on your side and hopefully loved ones around you. Enjoy that first and formost.
  2. Celebrate That Day, Not That Week – Take the DAY to enjoy it, celebrate it, eat pie, drink the nog, but don’t stretch it out. It’s a DAY, not a setback or a mindset till Monday.
  3. Remember Treats Are Available Everyday Of The Year – We feel like we HAVE to have a little of everything because its there, but that’s a mindset of deprivation. Create a mindset of abundance and eat from that. Make wise choices, half your plate of veggies, sweet in moderation, and YES, by all means have a few things you love.
  4. Stick With Protein For Round Two – One hurdle of the mind is round two in the turkey ring. I can out eat big men and still be standing, but it doesn’t mean I should. Keep round two, post nap eating to protein and veggies.
  5. Plan An Active Event – Instead of laying around the rest of the day, plan to get out and about. Walking, bowling, and if you’re brave enough SHOPPING! Either way, the idea is to plan to get out and move. It will get you away from the leftovers, off the couch and into a little calorie burn.

Keep your head up, know your game plan, hit those hurdles before they trip you up. Most of all enjoy the holiday. That means yes, have some of your favorite pies, go for a run, and enjoy your day!