Entering into a relationship with your workout regimen can be difficult.  Like any relationship your journey to becoming healthy and fit takes commitment, and just like any relationship sometimes it requires you to push yourself to do difficult things that are very necessary for the success of your fitness goals.

For some getting started can be hard, but for most once the mind is made up and you have the right motivation most just go for it.  Some like to find motivation during a certain time of year like summer is right around the corner or the new year is here.  Others rely on certain seasons in life such as changes in age and bodily functions or having children.  Some find motivation from life changes and tragedies like a decline in health or the loss of a loved one.  Whatever the source of motivation is, people go on fitness journeys for different reasons.  Getting started on the journey is always a little bit easier than sticking to it.

The reality is that getting as motivated as you can be to get started in your first workout is the most shell shocking thing for your body and mind.  Getting your body acclimated to working out is one of the most physically challenging things to do especially when your body has been inactive for quite some time.  You will face difficulties such as, shortness of breath, extreme exhaustion, etc.  Your metabolism is slower than you would like it to be and your muscles are weak and frail but, once you get your body back into the swings of things you will not feel as discouraged to continue your fitness journey.





Starting off too fast and too intense can shock your body and your mind.  It’s like jumping out into the deep water when you only know how to doggie pedal.  You don’t want to challenge your body in a way that might cause you to fail.  That is the quickest way to become discouraged to continue.  Know that your body is not ready to do extreme workouts, but it does want to get there. Therefore it is important to start off slow with a workout that is more accommodating to your current fitness level.  Remember!  This is your journey, therefore; you are not in competition with anyone else.  Do not attempt to perform at someone else’s fitness level.  If you fail you will only feel discouraged and intimidated.  Work your way up and do your own thing!



The first 2 weeks of working out can be brutal.  Your lungs are not use to working so hard, your cardiovascular system is working overtime driving your heart rate through the rough.  Your muscles ache like crazy!  The good news is that this will not always persist.  Once you have built your endurance you will find that getting through your workout is a lot easier.  As for the muscle soreness the right supplements will help your muscles to recover quicker so soreness isn’t as intense.



Joining group fitness classes give you automatic accountability partners.  Most people work better in group settings because they become motivated by others and find friends to keep them motivated as well.  For those who are competitive, they become motivated by simply not wanting to be beat.  Although, this is not the best source of motivation because if by chance you are not able to perform on someone else’s level this can decrease your personal level of motivation.



Eating the right foods can assist you with accomplishing your goals quicker and more effectively.  Eating the right foods can aid your body in burning fat, boosting your metabolism, building lean muscle, and becoming healthier overall.  Fit food gives you energy and restores your overall quality of life.


By Jene Louis