For most women starting a fitness journey can be terrifying.  So many questions will go through your mind.

  • What kind of gym do I join?
  • Do I need cardio or weight training?
  • What kind of training do I need?
  • What can of machine should I use during a workout?
  • What does this machine do anyway?
  • How long should I workout?
  • Am I doing this right?
  • Why am I not getting results?

The list of questions can go on and on.  Not to mention if you don’t have much experience with weight training, you might face some of these terrifying issues.

  • Big gyms with too much advanced training equipment.
  • Overcrowded gyms with often unavailable equipment.
  • Risking injury by using machines you are inexperienced with.
  • Lack of structured training plan limited your results.
  • Ineffective workouts to do lack of knowledge of effective training methods.

The real question is, HOW DO I FIND THE RIGHT GYM?

All gyms are not created equal, and all styles of training are not suitable for your fitness goals.  Just like anything else when it comes to fitness training, there are different strokes for different folks.  Whether your goal is to lose fat, tone and sculpt lean muscle, gain strength, or build muscle mass, the truth is you must choose your gym according to your fitness needs.  Here is a list of the different styles of gyms and the purpose they serve.

  • Personal Fitness Training- Customized workouts with an emphasis on toning and sculpting muscle as well as burning fat.
  • Cardio- Heart rate raising exercise
  • Cross Fit- High-intensity functional movements
  • Bootcamp- small to large group minimal equipment body weight  training
  • Studios-Specialty Fitness Style focused gym such as yoga, cycling, Pilates, etc.

Let’s sum this up.  Before you start your fitness journey, it is important to find out what your goal is.  Once that is established, then you will be able to determine which style of training works for you.  Of all the styles of fitness if you are looking to burn fat and make structural changes to your body, then person fitness training is the best way to go.  Personal Fitness Training focuses on targeting the muscle groups individual building an all-around lean, tone, firm, look.  It also increases your metabolism, hormone levels, endurance, and overall health.

By: Jene Louis