Small Group Fitness Center Training

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With sessions starting as low as $30.
Available hours: 6AM, 7AM, 8AM, 10AM, 11AM, 12PM, 5PM, 6PM, 7PM

Small group personal training is extremely popular with female clients at our Atlanta fitness center. Each group is between 4-6 clients max and each workout is 45 minutes in length. These all-female groups are designed for women’s bodies with lots of lower body, glute work along with shoulders and triceps.

00008.MTS.Still002These are extremely fun, different daily, and challenging workouts where you will see the difference with our unique time tested intensifying techniques that will sculpt your body, and NOT bulk!

Small group fitness workouts are less expensive that working with a private personal trainer but because the trainers at Atlanta Fitness Diva are master trainers you will get just as much work and almost the same attention!


Our fitness center is set up to keep the workouts moving to train our clients hard in less time…Come and experience a workout like never before! Our fitness rates for the small group workouts start as low as $30 a session depending on package purchased and the commitment level from you.

We offer small or large packages, monthly draft, and yearly packages to give you lots of ways to train with us. The longer the commitment the better the rate.  We do have a 60 day cancel policy on our monthly debit packages, and a 24 hour cancel policy on your sessions.

We strive to offer the most amazing facility for women at the best prices with the best trainers and these policies allow us to deliver.


  • We have an extremely beautiful fully equipped gym, state of the art equipment, non crowded environment, and trainers who truly care about your results!

  • We have very reasonable rates and different packages to fit any budget. We also have memberships for a limited number of women to keep the gym from being crowded. When can you come in and try a free session?!

  • hi, i was looking at your small group and bootcamp classes and im interested in them but the bootcamp hours would not work for me and not sure what packages you have for small groups. please give me more information on the small groups and bootcamp classes

  • Hello, I’m interested in your small group fitness training sessions and would like some more information about it. The website states that the rate starts at $25 and up, can I get more details about the rates and how many sessions it includes? Thank you.

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