Atlanta Weight Loss Boot Camp

 By popular demand, our booty boot camp is back coupled with our small group strength training!

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Fitness Boot Camps


Atlanta Fitness Diva Boot Camps are VERY different from any other boot camps around!

  1. Workouts are conducted inside our private fitness gym NOT outside
  2. Best for ultimate weight loss and metabolism changes since we utilize strength training
  3. Female-only classes which mean workouts are tailored for YOUR specific body challenges!
  4. Much smaller classes and not the usual 25-35 per most boot camps
  5. Unique exercises with all of our female machines and interval trainers
  6. Much safer to your joints, veteran female trainers, tailored to YOU
  7. Many more class times available other than early am times

Special Boot Camps are Available

We challenge you to come see why Atlanta Fitness Diva is the best booty Boot Camp In Atlanta.

Atlanta Fitness Diva
Boot Camps for Teen Girls

We cater to teen girls with safe and effective boot camp workouts that produce weight loss in girls ages 12-19 in our private all female facility. Our facility is designed with machines that fit the female body and are safe to use by girls as young as 12 years old. With the rise is obesity, lack of productive physical exercise in teens, and our American fast food diet it is extremely necessary to have fun, challenging, sweat promoting, and effective workouts for teen girls looking to lose excess body fat and feel empowered! We inspire the young women and push them to achieve their weight loss goals while pushing their bodies to allow for the physical changes they desire. We teach proper technique and form plus we make sure each girl is challenged to her level of fitness. These workouts are scientifically engineered to burn the most calories and fat in each workout plus train the body to change through proper weight training exercises which allow for fat burning 24 hours a day every day. We don’t allow laziness here and push our girls throughout the workout which in turn inspires them to achieve in all areas of their lives.

Atlanta Fitness Diva
Bridal Boot Camps

Ladies who are getting married are some of the most motivated women around and at Atlanta Fitness Diva we harness that desire and utilize our specialized training techniques along with scientifically proven methods of training for women’s bodies. We really push our brides to meet and exceed their goals for their bodies on the most amazing day of their lives…their wedding! From our unique weight loss techniques, eating plans, lower body blast workouts, and our veteran female trainers you are assured to get the very best in body shaping, and sculpting workouts of your life. We specialize in getting women from where they are to where they need to be in as little as 90 days time by intense boot camps, small group personal training, and eating plans that work for women’s stubborn fat loss. Using specially made machines you won’t find elsewhere that just fit your body from our lower body leg presses to our Jacobs ladder to the ultra slide board for sculpting like nothing else you have ever done. You will lose fat, lose weight, sculpt your upper back and shoulders, and get buns of steel and feel great..all in a 45-minute workout 2-3 days per week. We urge you to come try a booty boot camp and you will see that you should trust your bridal weight loss to Atlanta Fitness Diva.

Atlanta Fitness Diva
Weight Loss Boot Camps

For maximum calorie burn, maximum toning, and maximum fitness you need a combination of machines and free weights and this is where most all outdoor boot camps fall very short. You need to move fast but also place enough load on the muscle (safely) to produce the toning effects or you’re just doing cardio…which is not the best way to shape up and giving lack luster results. Machines make the heavier load easy to achieve and our facility allows you to do machines and free weights and cables all in the same workout with a private fully stocked gym with the best equipment all designed for women’s bodies. If you are pressed for time you want to achieve a total body complete workout all in 45 minutes. You will want to hit all the muscles but for women, we need to hit 70% lower body to burn the most fat and raise our metabolic rate so that we burn more fat ALL day long. IF you do weight training done in a boot camp fashion with no rest between sets as we do here at Atlanta Fitness Diva you will get the most superior workout for women with the best results for weight loss and toning ALL in one workout. If you have stubborn body fat, slow metabolism, or just want to shape up fast we have the workout that is uniquely designed to make you sweat, create the body shape you are after, and give you the long, and lean look FAST. There are no quick weight loss answers or pills to buy…just hard training here along with trainers who are experts in female metabolism. Your boutique style training center allows for a beautiful clean environment, machines made for women, and very exciting changing workouts that keep your body changing… you are going to love it! Come see for yourself why Atlanta Fitness Diva is your answer for all of your fitness goals.