Body Shaping Tips:

  1. Add twenty to thirty minutes of cardio to your day – A brisk walk around the block will get job done. Moving your body burns fat. It kicks your metabolism up and helps your body burn fat all day long.
  2. Eliminate fizzy drinks – Carbonated beverages are often filled with sugar and have artificial sweeteners,  which have the effect of spiking your blood sugar and slowing down your metabolism.
  3. Stand up straight – Better posture makes tummies look smaller and tighter.
  4. Eat lean protein – Protein slows your digestion so you burn energy at an even rate. Your blood sugar doesn’t spike and you don’t crave junk.
  5. Eat a higher fiber diet – Fruits and veggies. Fiber clears out your digestive track so you don’t get bloated. It also helps you feel full.