The Finest Atlanta Personal Trainers

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Atlanta Personal Trainer Pamela Molinari
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Atlanta Personal Trainer Lucy Frith
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Atlanta Personal Trainer Melissa McKinney

Our female personal trainers are veteran fitness experts with over 10 years of experience training women.  They have all been trained and mentored by the founder & head trainer of Atlanta Fitness Diva, Inc., Pamela Molinari.  00050.MTS.Still001Our Atlanta personal trainers are specialist in training the female physique for tone, weight loss and shape.  We utilize scientifically proven methods regarding our strength training workouts and our metabolism boosting eating plans.  Our personal trainers will take you from where you are and show you how to get to the next level.  Our personal trainers will inspire you and teach you how to transform your body and your health therefore making true life style change.

Why should you train with our personal trainers at Atlanta Fitness Diva, Inc.?

  • Years of knowledge
  • Years of experience
  • Our trainers “Look THE Part”
  • Our workouts are tailored to women’s bodies
  • Our personal trainers truly care about clients success and health
  • Intense and fun workouts that are safe for all ages and fitness levels
  • We INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT you to achieve your fitness goals

00006.MTS.Still001Not only will you look better, you will feel better.  We strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility, increase your bone density and help you to look years younger.  With our experienced personal trainers you get safe workouts for women of all ages that push you beyond your perceived limits.

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