As you know, our diva workouts are usually 45 minutes long. Here are 5 tips that will help you maximize your workouts with us.

  1. Mix it up – To really maximize your workout do a mix of resistance training with your cardio.
  2. Drink Cold Water – When we drink ice cold water, our body has to work to warm it up. So during your workout, drink only ice cold water if you can.
  3. Have a snack – You want to eat a snack 45 minutes before you start to exercise.
  4. Plan ahead – A big factor in maximizing your workout is not stopping until you are done.
  5. Start interval training – Interval training will increase physical fitness and cardiovascular stress far more than just running or using the elliptical.

There you have it. Trying these tips with your workouts with us and you will see how effective they are. Now that Christmas is around the corner, its good to utilize these tips to help maintain your fitness and health.