1. Saturated Fats Cause Heart Disease – Go ahead and enjoy your butter when you need it, it’s a natural food not tampered with by modern man!
  2. Diet Soda Is Healthier Than Regular Soda – Many people dislike the taste of plain water, so they turn to carbonated beverages and other sweetened drinks to satisfy their fluid needs. Artificial sweeteners are a no no!
  3. Coffee Is Bad For Your Health – Whenever a person begins a “cleansing” diet, one of the first things they’re suppose to eliminate is coffee. Sure, you should be giving your body a break from stimulants, but coffee actually isn’t toxic and a unhealthy substance. Just be careful to enjoy your hot coffee slowly so you don’t burn your tongue!
  4. High Protein Diets Are Bad – Be Smart when choosing protein. Know where it comes from, ensure it wasn’t injected with unnecessary hormones or antibiotics, and try to eat it in its most natural state possible paired with a healthy side dish.
  5. Low Carb Diets Are Unhealthy – Choose wisely, a low carb diet can be one of your greatest health allies if you so choose to follow it!