Summer is coming up and with that comes vacations! Here are 4 tips to help stay healthy yet, still allows you to enjoy your vacation!

  1. Take Caution With What You Eat – You are on vacation and you should enjoy yourself… But that doesn’t mean you have to try everything on the menu! Balance trying new foods with sticking with healthy options for the bulk of what you’re eating. If there is something you want to try but you know its unhealthy, order it for the table to share, take a bite or two to taste it and maybe order yourself something healthier.
  2. Find Time To Exercise – It may be the last think you want to do when lounging on the beach but try to sneak in some sweat time. When you in a new setting your workouts can actually be fun and different than your normal one back home.
  3. Think Before You Drink – Try and limit yourself to maybe 1 drink… There are plenty of “low calorie” drinks out there to choose from. Margaritas and other frozen drinks can pack more than 500 calories!!
  4. Walk It Out – Instead of taking cabs everywhere, make sure you see the place by foot too! Before you head out for sightseeing, do a little research and figure out how to tour the town by walking. If you’re on the beach, make sure to get up and walk along the water ever so often instead of laying out all day!

Taking these 4 tips into concideration will definitely help you enjoy yourself yet, keep you on track of your lifestyle change!