*Your results may vary depending on your diet, exercise and adherence to our program. Results below vary from individual to individual based on their engagement in our program, diet, exercise regimen and possible family history.

Karis Scott, 90 Day Fitness Challenge Winner

Pam’s 90-day challenge was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done. I mean this is up there with childbirth. At least while I was in labor, I was drugged up, and it only lasted a few hours. This, on the other hand, lasted three months. Pam is so awesome and encouraging. She gave us all the tools that we needed to achieve our fitness and weight loss goals, and along with her sidekick Lucy, they kicked our butts into gear with their killer workouts every week. Ultimately, what Pam taught me throughout this entire process is that for one, you have to WANT to be healthy and fit to be healthy and fit. If you don’t want it, then there is no amount of talking or guiding that Pam, Lucy, or any other person can do that will help you achieve your fitness or weight loss goals. Two, Pam taught me that you just have to do it. No excuses. Just do it, Push through the pain (whether it be during workouts or just pain from restraining yourself from eating that piece of cake, or that box of mac and cheese) and thank yourself later for being strong and pushing past it. Three, she helped me to realize that being healthy is a positive lifestyle change. Pam encourages all of us to maintain a positive mindset even when things get hard. This positive mindset not only helped me to push through the difficult times during the challenge, but it helped me to push to do better in other aspects of my life outside of fitness. When training with Pam, she not only focuses on helping you become healthy physically, she wants to help you become a better person in all aspects of your life. Even though this was hard, it was so much fun, and I am so grateful to have been able to train with the most awesome trainers in Atlanta and a group of awesome, hardworking women!! My results from Pam’s 90 day challenge: Lost 16 pounds of fat, dropped 10% body fat, lost 13 inches total off of my body, gained 8 pounds of muscle, and gained the confidence to wear a bikini for the first time in my life*!! Thank you Team Fitness Diva for all of your help and support in my weight loss journey!

Carley Guinn

Pamela helped me lose over 100 pounds and 30 inches with her female specific training, unique and fun workouts, and scientifically based nutritional plans that showed me how to eat for my metabolism and keep my muscle while I lost tremendous amounts of bodyfat and KEPT it off for over 2 years now*. Pam is the GREATEST!

Christina White

Pam does a body good! I have been working hard under the direction of Pam for three months and changed my body dramatically. I worked out with Pam for one hour, three days a week and did everything she told me to do. She had me doing a lot of cardio, gave me some advice on some supplements I could take and gave me a diet to follow. It worked! I originally just wanted to get in shape for a trip I was going to take this summer, but after seeing the results I got, I am motivated to take my training to the next level and really focus on building muscle and getting lean and maybe entering a competition sometime next year. I have had other trainers to help me out in the past, and I have never had results like this. She really knows how to tweak her workout for women and that is where the difference is. I lost 8 % body fat!*

I lost 14 pounds of fat!*
I gained 4 pounds of muscle!*
I lost 6 inches off my waist!*
I went from a size 11 to a size 4/6!

Liz Peyton

I cannot thank Pamela at Atlanta Fitness Diva enough for helping me to transform my life and become the happiest I have ever been. In September 2010, at the age of 26, I found myself happily engaged and 45 pounds overweight. I was so happy, and also terrified at the idea of dress shopping after realizing that I had gained over 40 pounds since I had moved to Atlanta in the summer of 2009. I kept making excuses and ignoring the fact that I had crept up from a size 12 to a size 18. It finally hit home for me when I went dress shopping and ordered my dress-a size 20. Completely depressed, I decided right then that I was going to make changes, and never go back to what I had allowed myself to become. I remembered driving by Pam’s gym and reading amazing reviews on her website. I emailed her the next day and scheduled an appointment. In March 2011, I started working out with Pam and completely changed my eating habits with her guidance and support, and have never looked back. By the time of my wedding in August 2011, I had lost over 40 pounds, 26% body fat, and 20 inches*. Pam’s creative, fun, and effective workout techniques not only helped to change my body but have also helped to change my life. I have never been happier or felt better about myself. I LOVE going to work out with Pam, and enjoy the experience of all-female, small group training sessions, where I always feel comfortable and motivated. I am so grateful to Pam for helping me to lose weight before my wedding and am most thankful for the life-long impact she has made on my overall health and wellness.

Tonya Alfonzo

Pam, Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you have put into me. The way you train is so brutal but you do it with such passion. I love how every workout is different, and you always keep it interesting. You have pushed me and motivated in so many ways. I have had many other trainers, but you are by far number one. You always train me with a smile and I have never felt such comfort at any gym the way the way I do at your gym. I love my amazing results, and I never thought my body could ever look like this, but thanks to you I have accomplished my goal. You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Atlanta Fitness Diva

Susana Rodriguez

I participated in the 90-day challenge and it was a lot of dedication. Pam was very detailed in her weekly workouts and nutrition. It was challenging at times, but I am extremely satisfied with the way I look and feel. I feel stronger and my clothes always fit better after I complete her challenges. Thank you for all the support and encouragement of all the trainers that always push me to the next level to achieve my goals.