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Teens working out!

With the rise in obesity, lack of productive physical exercise in teens, and our American fast food diet, it is extremely necessary to have fun, challenging, sweat promoting, and effective workouts for teen girls looking to lose excess body fat and feel empowered! They need to learn how hard to workout and how to do it safely NOW in order to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. This is why we’ve worked hard to develop a Teen Boot Camp at Atlanta Fitness Diva! We cater to teen girls with safe and effective boot camp workouts that produce weight loss in girls ages 12-19. Our facility is designed with machines that fit the female body and are safe to use by girls as young as 12 years old.

I come across many teens who are not given enough direction or encouragement to live successfully healthy lives. I’ve found that teenage girls need to implement successful strategies for fitness, control their weight and improve their self-image. Teen girls are constantly bombarded with media that imposes the commonly accepted picture of “beautiful.” Unless a teenage girl is enrolled in weekly sports programs and is active outside of school, she not well equipped and is probably not exercising enough. She may not understand the importance of the foods that she is eating and the detrimental effects to her fitness and her developing shape.

Here at Atlanta Fitness Diva, we have designed a program for teen girls that is not only effective but also super fun for them. It is challenging yet it is perfect for the teenage age group. It is perfectly safe and they are going to build body strength in the right way. Being a female-specific gym, we consider the teen girl’s shoulders and upper body, where young girls and women tend to lack strength and promote safe posture and activity they’ll love.

We are really going to emphasize their core and their lower body like we do with our older women except these workouts are more fun the typical workout. Teen girls have such a short attention span that we want to keep focused and engaged in the fun workout. Our trainers are positive and will not allow them to slack off or be lazy during the workout. We really push them to work for the feeling of success and we foster a supportive environment where the girls learn to positively encourage each other.

When they finish the Teen Boot Camp, they are going to feel empowered which is very important for teens. They are going to have a better body image and they are going to see and feel the changes over time.

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    • jennifer
    • April 19, 2012

    When are the boot camps being scheduled. I have a 13 year old im interested in enrolling.

    • estella mobley
    • July 5, 2013

    have you started the boot camps for teens. I have a thirteen year old. And where is your location

  1. Reply

    Are you still doing a class for teens?

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